Taking Picks and Checking Chicks


Keep going. Don’t lose hope or sight of what can be grasp.

Got this screw removed from my ankle today. Was so fucking nervous at the time. Was wide awake during the operation and the procedure was faster than the set-up. lol

Pink Seaweed Heart

Grace Jumping 3D effect..kinda

Crystal Cove Day

Cafe Japengo at San Diego.


Lately i’ve been wondering what i’ve been doing and what to do. I feel as if i’ve been like a hermit and becoming less social. I am not happy with myself and I plan to change a lot of it. I’m struggling to keep a positive attitude and when i think more about it, the further i feel depressed. I know this is just a stage im going through. But what i need more than ever are friends to come and support me. I wish i had that special someone to encourage me to keep going. I’ve gained weight, became lazy, and have more acne then ever. I hate whats happening to me. I’m still searching for that silver lining, and I hope things go well…

…with all things considered… I hope to see this as a second chance. A second chance to change a lot of things and make everything correct. 

Food food food

Almond Crusted Fish

Food Porn. kinda.. Tell me what you guys think of them. Roy’s @ Anaheim

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